Research and development

Research and development

The main field of research was that of solar steam projects. Our main solar steam system is perfected to such an extend that all our end users were satisfied. Many hospitals and medical colleges are approaching us to get the benefit of this new device which will not only save thte atmosphere from pollution but also highly beneficial financially. People are realizing the great benefit of using solar energy. This was one of our main objectives !

Another great accomplishment was the installation of the first commercially viable and fully satisfactory solar block steam system in Holy Family Hospital , Mandar, Ranchi for their autoclave. It saves a lot of precious electricity, and also a lot of time as solar steam autoclaves works much faster than electrical heating. The system was designed by the now famous scientist, Wolfgang Scheffler and developed at our workshop at Phulwarisharif and perfected by the research scholar Mr. Michael Tyroller. This is very useful for medium size steam cooking also. From the reports we have received, the hospital administration is truly happy at the successful functioning of the system. Mr. Michael Tyroller, who did his research here, last year secured first rank in the German University . One disadvantage with the Scheffler cooker was that the cooking had to be done near the reflector. In the block steam system that problem is taken care of and cooking done at a convenient place close to the plant.

We also developed a Chapatti Cooking Device with Block Heating System that has been added to our existing Solar Park at the premises. We have also added to the Park, the solar block steam system designed for cooking, which is the product of the hardwork of two research students from Zurich University , Switzerland – Mr. Adrian and Mr. Benja. Both the students spent about three months in our place, perfecting their technology. We are at present busy with developing Solar Tunnel Dryer Systems. We have started getting request from North East India and other places for Solar Dryers for drying and preserving agricultural products.

On the photovoltaic front, we installed in coloration with SPRERI,( Sardar Patel Renewal Energy Research Institute) two solar refrigerators at Rural Health Centers at Ararghat, and Dumroan. We thank, the Scientist Mr. Philip who braved the Bihar roads to make a hectic and tedious trip to the rural sites. We are happy to inform that the systems have been functioning well and giving an invaluable service in preserving life-saving medicines. We are engaged in developing solar tracking system for the photovoltaic system which can increase the efficiency of the photovoltaic system by 40%.

Benji and Adrian, german research students working with the block storage system.
Benji and Adrian, german research students working with the block storage system.

Mr. Sharan, Scientist working in Canada who came on a home visit, took interest in our work. He has contributed in developing a pedel-pumping system attached to a cycle rickshaw, specially designed for rural India . All you need is to pedel the rickshaw in a stationary position so as to propel the motor to pump water to the first floor of your apartment. On his earlier visit, Mr. Sharan developed a solar powered cycle rickshaw. This particular research project is still to be perfected.

Research products

Block Steam System

Heat is stored during the day. In the evening or even on next day’s morning you can produce steam for cooking, sterilisation or other purposes.

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New Receivers for Scheffler-Reflectors

To increase the efficiency of steam-generation with Scheffler-reflectors, new types of receivers are constructed, build and tested.

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Solar Steam Turbines with Scheffler reflectors

This can be used to produce electricity by using solar power

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Wind Mills for multiple purposes
This is ideal and cheapest way of producing electricity, pump water etc. where wind energy is available. enlarge image

Peltier-Elements for power-generating and cooling
Peltier-Elements are solid-state devices which can produce electricity out of an temperature difference. In combination with an heat storage, you can generate power for illumination in the evening without the need of batteries.
The other way round, Peltier-Elements can cool medicines or other things, if you connect them to a solar panel. enlarge image

View of steam solar system in Patna (Bihar)

A succesful installation of a solar dryer in the North East India.

Philipp and Simon, German solar students, testing the new receiver.