Our activities can be broadly divided into two categories:


Our renewable energy promotion in the country falls under our commitment to the environmental concerns. We are in close collaboration with Taru Mitra, the students’ forum for environment. Through this organization we conduct campaigns and promotion of renewable energy in the state and also other parts of the country. Realizing the polluting nature of the existing energy sources, Taru Mitra members encouraged us to go for more and more research and development of non-polluting solar energy for day to day use in families and communities.
As part of our environmental concern we design and manufacture many items that use renewable energy, mainly solar thermal items. These products are installed all over the country. Wherever we go for installations we talk to people about the merits of renewable energy and conscientise them.

Photovoltaic rickshaw

We are also engaged in research and development. We design various renewable energy devices here. In the research, as far as possible we keep the indigenous nature and low cost technology. We welcome researchers in renewable energy from different parts of the world and put them to good use for the service of the people at large. Solare Bruecke of Germany is one of our main sources of help in the research projects. We have established a renewable energy park here for the sake of the students and the researchers. We also help various agencies in making such energy parks.

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SAAP tries to empower of socially and economically depressed group. As part of this empowerment we have selected one of the lowest groups called ‘MUSAHARS’. They are considered as rat catchers. In the fabricating side we have these boys working with us for last six years. We also conduct vocational training programs under the National Institute of Open School (NIOS), and make efforts for the placements of these youths. For the girls we conduct courses like cutting, tailoring, embroidery etc. with literacy as an essential part. We also collaborate with other agencies working in the field of social upliftment and help with vocational and non-formal educational programmes.

Workers in Solar Alternatives installation
Workers in Solar Alternatives installation

Staff and apprentices get a lot of exposure due to their travel all over the country and dealing with different types of people during their trips for site inspection, installations, repair and maintenance etc. In a semi-feudalistic society to which they are exposed interaction with people of different casts and classes is unheard of. But here we and the research scholars from different parts of the world treat them as our own and visit their homes and sit together for a cup of tea or just for a chat or discussion about the future of their children. Motivational programmes are also conducted for the students and their guardians in order to awaken in then the need for education and improved socio-economic life.

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